Table Top Magician

Table top magician Noel Qualter is one of the new crop of top table magicians working in the UK at a host of different events from banquets and charity dinners to awards ceremonies and house parties.

Noel is hugely experienced working a table top magician and over the last decade has entertained at over a thousand different functions so you can rest assured he has the expertise to make a magical impact at your event.

Table top magicians work at different types of events so here is a rundown of those and how best to utilise a table top magician

Wedding Table Top Magician

Your wedding is going to be the biggest day of your life and an awful lot of planning goes into making it perfect. One of the areas that often gets overlooked is entertainment but not all entertainers are suitable for weddings.

Noel can works a wedding table top magician and pop around to every table and show them some amazing magic with just a few simple items like cards, coins, mobile phones, spoons etc.

This type of close up magic has soared in popularity in the last 15 years and some of the biggest society events of the year have a wedding magician working table to table. Its a simple idea, the magician approaches the table and after a quick light hearted introduction he showcases his magical skill to the group., Often he will borrow items and make them into impossible objects such a spoon that bends in their hand if given to them to keep or a wine glass melts to an obtuse angle with the power of mental though. These objects make perfect magical mementos of your special day.

There are a couple of different times of the day when a table top magician should be hired to entertain. If you’d like more information then please have a look at the main UK wedding magician page.


The ceremony has just finished and everybody is very excited.  Most people will now break into groups and wait to be called for a photo but often guests don’t know each other too well.  A table wedding magician can pop around to each group and break the ice. Groups will join groups and with a few moments everybody will be laughing, joking and expressing disbelief at the tricks form the magician.

During the Meal

This is where the table magician gets his name. Noel suggests this is the best time to hire him. Everybody is sat down and they get to see a perfect little mini miracle show at their tableside and at the finish of the cat you can hear audible gasps and laughter spreading throughout the room. Its a nice feeling for the bride and groom to actually see their special guests are having a great time.

Evening Guests

As the evening guests arrive is another great time to introduce some amazing close up table top magic. These guests have missed the main part of the day and what better way to welcome to the party than to hire a table top magician to blow their socks off with sleight of hand magic.

You can hire Noel to entertain at a few different times during the day or a combination. For the best advice contact Noel and he can advise what he thinks is best.




Table Hopping Magician

A table hopping magician is just another name for a table to table magician, table top magician or tableside magician. He performs close up magic at your tables or walkaround/strolling.  The skill of a table hopping magician is to know when to approach a table and when to leave them alone, how long to perform for and which tricks to perform.

Sometimes a table hopping magician will have to perform in a very loud environment with music playing in the background. Noel advises it's best not to have the magician working when you have a loud band or disco in full flow. If it’s just background music that is fine but if another performer/presenter/band is demanding the attention of the audience then Noel will stop for a short period till it finishes. Noel also have a range of tricks that can be performed with very little words so they are perfect in loud environments or when the guests don’t speak much English.

Table Top Magicians

If you are hosting big function you and you really want everybody to see some close up magic then you should really hire a couple of table top magicians. Noel has the very best contacts in the entertainment business so can work with you book additional table magicians to work alongside him. All the table hopping magicians Noel recommends are at the top of their profession and Noel has personal experience of working with them all. If Noel is unavailable to perform at your party then he be able to recommend a fellow table top magician.

Table Hopping Party Magician

A party is a great excuse to hire a table magician. You want to have a huge amount of fun and ensure your guests do to. Well if you leave the entertainment in the skilled hands a party magician like Noel Qualter then all will be well. He has amazed at more parties than he has been invited to as a guyest which says he’s either a blistering magician or has a rather lacking social life…or a bit of both.

A table top party magician works really well at a house party as they can move from room to room leaving amazement in his wake. If there a few kids at the party that’s fine as Noel has a couple of magic tricks they’ll love that will make them dance around the room with glee.

Hire Table Hopping Magician

It’s as simple as completing a 30 second booking form if you need a quote from Noel. After that he will get back to you within a few hours with a quote for the event and if you wish to go ahead he will email you a booking form.  If you have never hired a table hoping magician its understandable that you might have some questions so feel free to call or email Noel.