Table Magician

A fresh, innovative table magician for your next event.
A table magician performs a close-up magic show at your table during a function. Each table sees a mini-act that defies belief; objects change in the hands, multiply and defy the laws of nature all in the hands of the onlookers. These impossible objects can then be kept by your guests as a unique souvenir!

Table Magician Tricks

Some of the routines Noel likes to perform are pushing a bottle through someone’s chest (nobody ever presses charges!), predicting numbers just thought of on a scratch card and a signed bank note appears in a locked box that has been on the table from the beginning.

Noel performs sleight of hand magic with small objects he has on him like cards, coins and rubber bands and borrowed objects like rings and mobile phones. He combines this with his Jedi mind reading skills to produce magic like you’ve seen ‘ on the telly’. but ‘on the telly’ you probably thought, ‘yeah, but they’re all actors’ or ‘it’s camera trickery’. Well this is so close you’d be prepared to join a cult after seeing it.

Whole episodes of “Jeremy Kyle” have been devoted to people who couldn’t let go after witnessing Noel’s magic.

I wanted to thank you personally for the fantastic performance you gave us last night. The entertainment you provided was much more than I had expected and the guests were clearly amazed with the illusions you performed. Nearly everybody asked me where I had found you from and that your act was very individual, inspiring and absolutely superb!

Caroline Fairley, Ethical Strategies
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Table Magician Quotes

Noel says, "Most of the table magic work I do is in London, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire although I do travel further a field for table magic bookings. In the last few years I have been lucky enough to be invited to perform as a table magician at corporate events
abroad such as a private dinner for Saudi princes in a 7 star hotel in Saudi Arabia, a worldwide brand launch in Kuwait, several trips to Dubai, Cannes, Kuwait, Berlin, Saudi Arabia, Paris, Venice, Casablanca, Barcelona…the list goes on.

Hello Noel, Sorry for not writing sooner but we have been talking so much about how enjoyable Thursday night was I just haven't had the time!

Seriously, lots of staff said what a wonderful time they had and there was much praise for you. People have been trying to suss out how you managed to do what you did (without any success you will be pleased to hear)! If i hear of anybody wanting a magician I'll be sure to pass on your details.

Linda Robinson, Haringey Council