What You Should Know About A Close-Up Table Magician

Performing magic takes more than just skills. We have to capture your audience’s attention with an illusion that fascinates them. It is even more challenging to entertain when performing close-up magic.

You need a reaction, and nothing can be better than an awestruck expression, followed by a chuckle.

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What Magicians Can Tell You About Thinking Outside The Box

Magicians seem to do the impossible; making objects vanish into thin air, guessing the correct card, and levitating … things that are hard to explain.

But it’s not what they do that creates the mystery; it is how they do it. As table magicians, we only succeed when we present our brand of magic. Creativity is what keeps the mystery going!

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5 Reasons To Include A Magic Show In Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events are arranged to allow different teams and departments to get to know each other better. But these events struggle to hold the interest of their guests. Most people end up discussing business within their own team.

A magic show brings novelty to the event. It allows the employees to relax, enjoy and unwind. A magic show will also give them a new perspective.

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Five Reasons a Magic Show Is the Best Way to Bring Life to Any Event

Five Reasons a Magic Show Is the Best Way to Bring Life to Any Event

Delving Into Magic And Psychology

Most of magic relies on psychology. Anything our minds cannot comprehend becomes a mystery to us. Magicians have been using psychological principles to polish their techniques. Human behaviour and the way we think influence our response to magic.

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Effects Of Magic And Categories Of Effect

Magic is an entertaining act and a type of performing arts.

The particular magic acts or tricks are called ‘effects’. Those who perform magic can simply be called magicians, or by a name which refers to particular type of effects they use in their act.

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How to Find the Right Magician

How to Find the Right Magician

Magic Insight – What a Magician Won’t Tell You about Hiring Them

Choosing entertainment for a party can be difficult, especially if you’re choosing from a long line of magicians.

Close-up magicians in the UK have gained a lot of recognition for their work. In fact, they have become the go-to choice for customers in Hertfordshire, East Sussex, Bedfordshire and more, who want to add an element of good fun to their event.

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Hiring a Magician? Keep These Tips In Mind!

Hiring a Magician Keep These Tips In Mind!

How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Magician

From weddings to private parties, close-up magicians have taken over the entertainment sector and are showing no signs of slowing down. Magic has

become the choice for many customers who seek to add good clean fun to their event’s proceedings.

However, with so many magicians offering their magical services for all, customers are left quite confused with the choices. And many a times, they end up hiring a magician who is not only an amateur but also someone who doesn’t provide a quality performance.

So how do you hire a good magician when searching for the right entertainment for your party? For that, Noel Qualter is here to help.

Tips on Hiring a Good Magician

Check Your Budget

Even before you check out the Magic Circle’s website for a list of professional close-up magicians in Bedfordshire, East Sussex and Hertfordshire, the first thing you need is a good budget to help tide you over. Calculate the amount you need for food and beverages and keep a small substantial sum aside in case you need some money for emergencies. The funds you are left with is your entertainment budget which should be more than enough to help you narrow down your choices.

Ask Your Friends

You can choose to ask your friends or family members about any recommendations they might have. Many a times, magicians give out their business cards at the end of their performances. So if your friend or family member has been to one of their performances, not only will they be able to provide you with a reference but will also be able to give you a good review.

Follow Your Instincts

When dealing with a professional, follow your instincts with regards to their behaviour. Are they avoiding any of your questions? Or is their advertisement showing them as less experienced than you originally thought? If so, then approach with caution. Looks and presentation matter for a professional magician, so if they don’t impress you from the get go, you can’t count on them to wow the crowd later.

Search Online

A professional magician will always have a strong online presence. Many magicians have websites where you can easily go and check their style online. These websites also give you a chance to read through the testimonials and watch their performances as well, since many magicians offer video samples to convince you of their abilities. Watching their videos can give you a chance to see the standards your potential magician reaches for.

Hire a Full Time Magician

The reason why professional magicians give such memorable performances is because they have to. Professional magicians work through word-of-mouth and referrals, so they need to make all their performances count in order to book the next gig. Whereas those who only perform magic as a hobby on the weekends or as a hobby tend to go the wrong way since they don’t have to worry about their next paycheck. But for a professional, they dedicate themselves to the craft fully in order to provide a good show.

Noel Qualter is one such magician who offers wonderful memories to all his clients with his close-up magician performances at parties, weddings and even corporate events. So if you’re searching for a good close-up magician for your event, contact Noel Qualter now so you can have quality entertainment to make your occasion a success.