The Most Popular Close-up Magic Myths

While having a close up magician at your fundraiser, corporate event or wedding is becoming more common, many people have no idea what to expect and may be put off by some easy to dispel myths.  Let me make your misconceptions disappear….

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5 FAQs About Magicians

As a performer I love engaging with my audience. I get all sorts of questions related to magic. And while some people ask common questions like, “How did you do that trick?”, others are curious about booking, scheduling and fees.

Many people have not booked a magician before, so I've compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you 

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The Most Magical Reactions

One of the best things about being a magician is seeing the reaction of your audience. There are few other forms of entertainment where you get to hear, see, and sometimes feel (!) the joy and delight people are experiencing.

Here are a few highlights. 

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Jo & Martin Got Hitched-And It Was Magic!

I’ve had the honour of performing at hundreds of weddings over the years and it’s always been an amazing experience. Here is a particular wedding that sticks in my mind for having a spectacular bride, groom and guests, who were all keen to enjoy not just the magic of the special day, but also the magic of my close-up tricks!

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Wedding Magic – What To Expect

As someone who has been a part of many weddings as the main entertainment, I do my best to provide excitement, laughter and joy with my performance. I want to make your day as special as possible. But this isn't the only thing a magician at your wedding can help with. Read on!

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A (Very) Brief History of Magic

Magic, specifically close up magic, has a really interesting and incredibly long history. Many others have put far more into studying this subject than I ever could, but here’s a brief and very basic run down of some of the most important people and things in close up magic history. 

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Why Book a Magician for your Wedding?

With all the other things to think about on your big day, entertainment can often be overlooked. You have to worry about catering, decoration, the dress, not to mention the stag and hen parties! But often, good entertainment is the difference between an event that's just OK, and an occasion that people will talk about for months afterwards. Here's why you should consider entertainment – and why a close up magician could be the choice for your big day. 

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Your Magical Experience Depends on Your Party’s Details

Parties are a lot like the human body itself; the organs need to function not only optimally, but also cohesively.

Coordination and timing is critical between them. All unsuccessful parties and events carry one thing in common; lack of order. No matter how much money was invested, no clear organisation can sink the whole experience.

Arranging for food, performers and decor requires proper thought and not just the funds.

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Why A Magic Circle Magician Brings Prestige to Your Event

Many people, when looking to hire a party magician for their wedding or corporate event, are recommended to only consider members of The Magic Circle seriously.

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Here’s What You Should Ask Your Table Magician

Hiring a table magician is one the easiest ways of adding entertainment to your wedding or corporate event. 

It can go a long way in making your event fun and memorable for your guests.

However, there are some expectations that your table magician should be able to meet.

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