Do you need a couple of magicians for your corporate event, private party or wedding? Noel can supply as many top class close-up magicians as your event requires. On average one magician can get around to about a hundred guests in a standard 2 slot so if you have less time/more people and you want everybody to see some magic amazing magic then it makes sense to book a couple of magicians and Noel is ready to help you do just that.

If you are expecting a couple of hundred guests, or even a couple of thousand for a huge function then you'll need a team of magicians. if you'd like everybody to be entertained by some amazing close up magic then Noel can book the other magicians on your behalf to cut down on the admin for you. Noel will manage the team of magicians so on the night you can kick back, grab a glass of something fizzy and enjoy the successful event you have created.

What if Noel isn’t available?

Over the last decade Noel has missed two gigs due to ill health but if the unforseen does happen then Noel can get a top rate colleague to deputise for him. Should this very unlikely event occure then you can always cance if you wish.

Noel has worked with many magicians over the years but only recommends a select group of elite close up magicians from across the country. At certain times of the year like the summer and Christmas party season Noel is very busy and if you email him at short notice the chances are that he won’t be available but he will try and recommend other magicians. 

Noel prides himself on the strong relationship he has with London’s top table magicians and regularly communicates with them. Many magicians are islands; they have no connections with the top magicians in their local area which can only harm their career. What if your magician breaks down on his way to the job? Or is unwell? You need to be able to call on magician friends at times like this.

Many magicians have worked with Noel over the years at corporate events, weddings and private parties and he has got to know the very best. Noel has been flown to Dubai, Paris, Barcelona and Saudi Arabia with other magicians for some huge corporate events.

Table Magicians

At a large function with more than one hundred guests then one magician just won’t be enough. When you enquire to a magician make sure you advise him how many guests are expected as table magicians hate to leave an event without entertaining everybody.

Table magicians perform a short show for everybody at a table for about 5 minutes. Now its possible for a magician to perform a shortened set where he misses out one or two routines in order to get around to more guests but these acts are designed to be seen in full. Table magicians just don’t have the same impact at an event performing one quick trick because just as the table gets excited they have to leave.

Close up Magicians

Close up magicians are very versatile performers and can entertain in almost any type of environment. The only thing to watch out for is live music, very loud music, speeches or it’s so dark guests are bumping into each other. Basically close up magicians work best for small groups whey can be the centre of attention and if there is an auctioneer banging a gavel on stage or a live band belting out tunes then your close up magician will take a back seat or move to a quieter area of the event.

Wedding Magicians

Wedding magicians are a popular choice for couples looking to hire entertainment with cross age appeal. Wedding magicians can help to break the ice amongst guests who don’t know each other too well.  A top fear for brides and grooms is that both sides of the family wont mix and a wedding magician is the answer. A few quick tricks and jokes and laughter and amazement spread throughout the room and very quickly everybody is talking to each other about the wedding magicians amazing performance.

Party Magicians

Party magicians are the quickest way to get the party in full swing. If you are having a bash at home or you have hired a venue then a couple of party magicians can turn a great party into an amazing party. If its at your home the party magician wil move around the house and with just a few simple objects he has on him he can create miracles. For once the centre of the party won’t be the kitchen it will be wherever the party magician is!

Street Magicians

Street magicians usually perform close up magic outside in the freezing British weather but the good news is that Noel is one of the top street magicians in the UK and much prefers to be unleashing miracles inside in the warm!. If you are looking to hire a street magician for an event then drop Noel a line today to see how he can help. If you have only ever seen street magicians on the TV and think it’s all fake then you are in for a real surprise. Street magicians are used to a lot of scepticism so Noel comes prepared with amazing magic to make true believers out of everybody. After Noel’s performance you’ll be so amazed you’ll want to go for a lie down.

Other Entertainment

Noel has top contacts in other areas of the entertainment business so if you are looking for caricaturists, photographers, illusionists, silhouette cutters, comperes, fun casinos etc in addition to magicians then Noel will be able to arrange everything for you.

Not All Magicians are Equal

You get what you pay for when it comes to entertainment. The fact that you found this website means you must be fairly web savvy but chances are you aren’t used to booking magicians. There are all kinds of magicians advertising on the internet from young magicians producing a vanity website to show their folks to kids entertainers who are seeking work outside their specialist area. Noel has never performed a kid’s party and is proud to be a specialist close up magic entertainer. These children’s entertainers fancy doing a few “corporate’s” but haven’t got any experience doing this. You’ll see a lot of magicians advertising over Christmas and other busy periods for magicians like the summer months for weddings.

Magicians in London

Noel plies his trade worksing as one of the top London magicians each and every week. There are a host of top bars, hotels an restaunt in London and Noel has performed in all of them. Just recently Noel was asked personally to entertain for Tamara Ecclestone to entertain for her at her private 28th birthday party at the renowned Scott’s. Tamara and Petra both loved Noel and you can see what they had to say on the Kudos page.

Other Areas Covered

Noel works mainly in London and the Home counties including Surrey, Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Dorset, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. In fact Noel knows all the top magicians across the country and can put you in touch with them if he isn’t available or if needs be he can build a perfect team of magicians for a specific event. Noel did just this for a huge Windows 7 launch in Berlin where he and 7 other top magicians flew out to entertain at this hugely important event.

Hire Professional Magicians

Make sure that you book a top professional magician at your event. It deserves to be a huge success and you can’t take a chance on it going south with a poor choice of magician. Look at the website and testimonials and reviews on their site. Noel has a tonne of praise from house hold names like Jonathan Ross, Orlando Bloom and Lord Sugar. See the kudos page for more….

Magic is my hobby as well as my job

Noel says, “I also make time to work through new routines with magician colleagues every week. It’s great to get input from your magician peers because it can really help speed up the creative period and increases the chances of producing a great new routine”.

“Sleight of hand sessioning” is also an integral part of a magician’s development.  New sleight of hand techniques are always developing and Noel is friends with some of the very best sleight of hand magicians in the world.

Noel takes time out from performing to attend magic conventions with his friends in magic and just hang out. There is a learning aspect to these events but these days it’s mainly just a jolly hanging out with magicians from all over the UK.

TV Magicians

Noel has gained the respect of TV magicians and creators of magic for the top TV magicians. Criss Angel the TV magician from the US was so impressed with an idea of Noel’s that he phoned him to congratulate him and ask permission to use it.

Luke Jermay is a Las Vegas headlining mind reader who splits his time between performing and creating/consulting for some of the biggest magicians in the business like Derren Brown, Dynamo, Criss Angel and Marco Tempest. He has this to say about Noel …

Noel is one of the most impressive modern magicians out there.  With a sharp eye on popular culture and an understanding of an audience he creates magic fit for the most expecting of audiences