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UK magician Noel Qualter has been a full time professional magician for a decade. In that time he has performed close up magic and table magic all over the UK at some of the most prestigious venues for corporate and private clients. Although based in London every week he can be found criss-crossing the UK to entertain at weddings, private parties, corporate events, charity fund raisers and a host of other events. 

Close up magicians and table magicians are a regular addition to all kinds of events. Close up magicians started becoming common at events in the United States in the 70’s and the idea was imported across to the UK and have been a mainstay here since the mid 1980’s.

UK Wedding Magician

During the summer months Noel performs as a wedding magician at dozens of events throughout the UK. The UK is blessed with some of the most aamzing wedding venues in the world from mansions and castles in the rolling countryside to sophisticated modern buildings in the centre of town.  If you are looking for a UK wedding magician then contact Noel for availability and a no obligation quote.

UK Close up Magician

Noel is one of the top UK close up magicians with a wealth of experience performing close up magic just inches away from your guests noses. Close up magic is the perfect ice braking tool when guests are unfamiliar with each other and also is incredibly flexile, it really can be integrated into a host of different type of events.

UK Table Magician

UK table magician Noel can be seen entertaining folks at banquets, restaurants, fund raisers, birthday parties and award ceremonies. Noel has performed table magic all over the UK from Maidstone to Manchester and from Newcastle to North Wales.

UK Magicians

If you are organising an event with more than 200 guests then you might want to consider a second magician. On average one close up magician can entertain 100 guests per 2 hour block so if you have a large number of guests attending then a second magician would be a valuable asset. If you need a bunch of magicians then Noel can hire them all for you. Noel has a close relationship with all the best UK magicians and can source the best magicians from all over the country.

One of the best UK table magicians: With over a decade of experience, Noel Qualter remains to be one of the best UK close up magicians! You can now book him for your corporate events and parties and take things up a notch. Get in touch with him today and find out more about tricks from the renowned UK wedding magician.

UK close up magician

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Do you need to hire a UK magician? All Noel needs is a few details like location, date, number of guests and Noel can give you a quote within a few hours. Please complete the enquiry form and sit tight…

And of course if the nights are drawing in you might be looking to hire a UK Christmas party magician. During November and December Noel works at a tonne of office Christmas parties performing amazing sleight of hand magic.

If you have any questions or need to the quote right away please give Noel a call on 0781 382 5547.