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Need a Nottingham magician? You’ve landed in exactly the right place. Noel Qualter has been working as a close up magician in Nottingham for over ten years. Booking Noel will guarantee your event’s success (though an open bar doesn’t hurt). Magic spans all races, creeds, religions, and even languages, so it’s a great choice for entertainment at your next party. If you’re looking for a fantastic Nottingham street magician, Noel is among the best.

Close up Table Magician Nottingham

Close up magic has been thoroughly modernized in recent years, and as such, has gained immense popularity. Be it a party, wedding, or corporate event, close up magic is a perfect fit.

A versatile form of entertainment, close up magic works in any scenario. Noel’s magic is entirely unique; using small objects kept on his person, Noel is free to mill about the venue performing for your guests. Count yourself among the thousands of delighted audiences who’ve experienced Notthingham party magician Noel Qualter’s amazing tricks.

Wedding Magicians Nottingham

You’re getting married – congrats! Noel has earned rave reviews for his wedding performances. Particularly brilliant for the cocktail, dinner or coffee hours, Noel’s tricks serve as a great conversation starter among guests who don’t know each other.

There are other wedding magicians in Nottingham, but none the caliber of Noel Qualter. Having served as a Nottingham wedding magician for literally hundreds of events, Noel knows local wedding venues well. His wry humour and flexibility make him the perfect choice for a wedding magician in Nottingham.

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Looking to hire a magician in Nottingham? Noel Qualter has been a professional magician since 2000 performing for celebrities and large corporations as well as local events like weddings and small parties.

Magicians in Nottingham

Need multiple Nottingham magicians for your upcoming event? Noel can help! Having worked with other magicians in Nottingham, Noel is happy to consult with you about your party requirements. Contact him now!

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