Magician Northampton

Looking for a magician in Northampton? Noel Qualter is incredibly qualified, having been performing as a close up/table magician in Northampton area for over ten years. With it’s resurgence in popularity recently, magic is a great choice when you’re looking for entertainment for virtually any type of function.

Magicians offer a very flexible type of entertainment – from large group performances to mingling through a crowd doing tricks for individual people. Noel has performed for many celebrities and is a member of the Magic Circle, an esteemed organisation for only the best UK magicians. When you hire him, you know you’re getting top quality magic.

Party Magician Northampton

No matter the size of your party, magic is great choice of entertainment. With his thoroughly modern and unique tricks, Noel will astound your guests. Using small objects that can be kept on his person, Noel can easily maneuver his way through a crowd to entertain small groups or individuals. For a real treat, try setting up a Mystery Room where Noel is asked to perform for small groups at a time, building interest and anticipation among the party’s crowd.

Wedding Magician Northampton

If ever there was an occasion for the best of the best, it’s a wedding. Noel has performed at countless nuptials as a wedding magician and received accolades for his remarkable tricks and wry sense of humour. He puts strangers at ease, which you’ll find particularly helpful for the table where no one knows each other, and he leaves everyone laughing and talking in his wake.

Noel knows Northampton and its venues well. Great for entertaining your guests while your photos are being taken as well as the dinner or coffee hour, Noel is a great addition to any wedding.

Hire Magicians Northampton

If you need advice on additional magicians in Northampton or other types of entertainment, Noel is a great resource. Having worked as an entertainer since 2000, he has a vast network of contacts throughout the region, and he would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect combination of entertainers for your event.

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