Magician in Leicester

Looking for a magician in Leicester? Close up magic is an incredibly versatile form of entertainment. If you want to astound your friends at your next party, earn rave reviews at your upcoming corporate event, or wow guests at a wedding, hiring close up magician, Noel Qualter, is the way to do it.

Noel is the perfect choice for the smallest of parties to large groups. He is constantly adding to his vast arsenal of magic acts, and he continually proves to be the talk of any party.

Close up Magician Leicester

Gone are the days of pulling coins out of ears and rabbits out of hats (too many rabbits complained), modern close up magic is unique and inventive and has gained immense popularity for its versatility and entertainment value.

Modern close up magic is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and Noel is one of the best in the business. Even while watching a magic trick a few inches away from Noel, you’ll be asking yourself, “how did he do that?” Close up magic is one of the most flexible forms of entertainment, so it is a great choice for virtually any type of event.

Leicester Wedding Magician

If you’re planning a wedding, congratulations! Booking a close up wedding magician in Leicester for your big day is a perfect choice to entertain your guests. A wedding magician uses small objects that can be kept in his pockets, so Noel is able to mingle throughout the venue untethered. Also, close up magic builds instant rapport among even the strangest of strangers creating immediate conversation between guests.

Noel has been performing at weddings throughout Leicester and the Midlands for 10 years. He knows firsthand how to wow an audience with unique tricks that’ll have your guests talking throughout the night. With his amazing sleight of hand and quick wit, your guests will be positively dumbfounded by his performance – or perhaps by the open bar, but probably both.

One of the best close up magicians in Leicester: If you are looking for close up magicians in Leicester, look no further. Noel Qualter has been one of the leading Leicester wedding magicians for over a decade and has captivated a diverse range of audiences with his engaging and intriguing personality. Get in touch with him to find out if he is available for your event.

Magicians in Leicester

Need more than one magician? Noel is part of The Magic Circle, a famous organisation of magicians, and therefore has access to a wide network of magicians. From young magicians to seasoned veterans, Noel can find exactly the combination of magicians you’re looking for. Just ask – Noel can offer the exact advice you need to get the kind of entertainment you want for your next event.

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