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Magician Noel Qualter performing at an event in Kent

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Medway magician Noel Qualter is an expert in the field of close up magic and table magic and has been performing in and around Kent and the South East for nearly 20 years. During that time has performed in Medway many times, and always looks forward to being asked back.

If you’re here you must be thinking about booking a magician for your event, maybe to do some close up magic, mingling with guests, or a table magician for a meal or banquet. Table magicians have been popular in the UK for many years, but it’s still something that can surprise and delight. Maybe you’ve seen a close up magician at a function you’ve been to? Or perhaps you’ve only seen close up magic on TV? Either way, the experience of having magic done right in front of your face is mesmerising, and there’s nothing like it to make an occasion memorable.

There are several magicians in Medway but make sure you pick one with a lot of experience; you want the best magician for the job. Noel has nearly 20 years of performing under his belt, doing close up magic, table magic, iPad magic and even close up magic shows.

Get in touch with Noel to find out more, get a quote, or have a chat about what you need for your event.

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Magician Noel Qualter performing at an event in Kent