Magician Bournemouth

Do you need to hire a magician in Bournemouth? Noel Qualter has been working as a Bournemouth magician since the turn of the century bringing astonishing amazements to corporate gatherings, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other social functions all over the Bournemouth area. Noel can take the pressure off when booking entertainment for your upcoming event. Noel prides himself in creating the optimum experience for his clients, arriving in advance to survey the venue, complete formalities, and make thorough preparations in order to exceed expectations.

Close Up Magician Bournemouth

Close up magicians in Bournemouth have become more and more popular in recent years due to the flexibility of where and how it can be performed. Noel Qualter brings the stage to you and your guests get to see world class close up magic performed by an experienced close up magician. Noel performs the kind of cool urban street magic you see performed by Tv guys like David Blaine. There is no sign of a wand, top hat or a white rabbit. With Noel, you get ground breaking fresh close up magic performed by a top professional that is as far from your 5-year-old’s birthday party as you can get.

The beauty of a mingling magician is the close up experience that leaves guests feeling engaged, having fun and utterly astounded. While performing tricks only a few inches away, guests will still be gasping in disbelief at what they see.

You are on the cutting edge of magic, there really is no precedent for that effect. - Penn & Teller, Fool Us

Bournemouth Party Magician

A party magician in Bournemouth can make a real impact at a host of different events from small private gatherings to greats big do’s for hundreds or even thousands.. Noel Qualter can add a special  dynamic to your function and all you have to do is drop him an email to get the ball rolling.

That is the best ******* trick I have ever seen. I want you on set permanently.

- Orlando Bloom

If you have a themed event then Noel can tailor tricks and performances to match party themes, put honored guests in the spot light and conjure up memorable unique magic routines for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more. Noel has done a bunch of crazy things in his magic career including going up in a hot air balloon to aid in a marriage proposal. No matter what you have planned a party magician in Bournemouth like Noel can make your event dream come true. The element of surprise is what magic is all about!

wedding magician bournemouth


Table Magician Bournemouth

Noel is an expert table magician and is adept at hopping around the tables at gala dinners, weddings, awards etc. It takes real skill to interrupt diners in a fun way, build rapport instantly and then produce close up magic miracles. Noel has been a pro table magician in Bournemouth for a decade so he has the amazing skills required to unleash astonishment at events. A table magician will provide a short five minute show at every table before moving around the other tables. You can always tell when a skilled table magician is in the room as laughter will fill the room very quickly. If you want the best best strolling entertainment at your event in Bournemouth you really can’t go wrong booking a table magician like Noel.

Street Magician Bournemouth

In recent years, close up magic has had a generational makeover with the arrival of David Blaine and Derren Brown, introducing a brave new world of miracle level tricks performed right on the busy streets and sidewalks. This emphasis on street smart conjuring has now come indoors and you can now see great close up street magicians performing at banquets and drinks receptions.

Hire Bournemouth Magicians

Noel Qualter invites you to visit his Kudos page and discover why he really is at the top of the tree when it comes to close up magicians.  Noel holds himself to the highest standards of professionalism, style, and delivery.  Many of his clients rebook his services time and time again. Noel values and strives for the best possible experience for all of his clients, and is especially proud to have shared his talents with everybody from celebs such as Orlando Bloom, David Shwimmer and Lord Sugar to guests at weddings and parties. If you need to hire a magician in Bournemouth then start the ball rolling by giving Noel a call on 0781 382 5547 or completing the contact form.