Magician Cardiff

Cardiff table magician Noel has performed at hundreds of events throughout the UK and is a regular entertainer at top events in Cardiff.

Magic is a great choice of entertainment for virtually any occasion. Flexible enough to work at large parties as well as smaller gatherings, magic has gained immense popularity in the past few years. Noel Qualter has been performing magic in Wales since 2000, so if you’re thinking of hiring a close up magician in Cardiff for your next function, Noel is a perfect choice.

Whatever your need, Noel can fill it. If you’re looking for a roaming magician who can easily maneuver through a crowd to entertain small groups, Noel’s your man. If you need a magician with great stage presence to perform in front of an audience, Noel’s the guy. If you need someone to do your taxes, why have you come to this page?

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Party Magician Cardiff

If you think all magicians look like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland’s tea party, think again. Magic has been thoroughly modernized to better suit today’s contemporary folks. No more pulling a rabbit from a hat or sawing people in half  (the latter is particularly bad for business), Noel’s magic tricks are as unique as they are amazing.

Wedding Magician Cardiff

Ah, weddings! They are such festive occasions, full of love and glee and sometimes the odd cousin or two whose social prowess leaves something to be desired. Enter: Noel. He not only serves to entertain your guests, his tricks facilitate dialogue even among the most awkward of crowds.

Wow the guests by hiring a Cardiff wedding magician. Unobtrusive yet unforgettable, Noel can cater to your individual wedding needs. He’s also a great choice for wedding anniversaries and engagement parties.

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Table Magician Cardiff

Book Noel to work as a table magician around the tables at a wide rabge of functions such as banquets, awards ceremonies, fundraisers, Christmas parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Noel will hop from table to table performing a short magic act for everybody at the table. It's a perfect little magic show featuring a wide range of close up magic with coins, cards, mobile phones, watches and other stuff he has on him or borrows. If you are looking for a table magician in Cardiff to amaze your guests then Noel is the man you need to speak to.

Cardiff Street Magician

Street magicians are the cool new face of close up magic. But don’t think that it needs to performed outside just because its called street magic. It’s just a popular name for modern close up magic and Noel is a master of it. Noel has countless tricks that will amaze. Part magician, part comedian, Noel is the perfect mix for your next so get booking your street magician in Cardiff today.

Hire Close up Magician Cardiff

If you are excited about the prostpect of having a Cardiff table magician like Noel at your event or party, then drop him an email today. If you haven't hired a table magician before it's a very simple process. Once you have accepted the fee then Noel will email you a booking confirmation which you need to sign and return in the post or via email within 7 days. Once this is done you can sit back and relax till a few days before the event when Noel will contact you to check all details are still the same. It takes 2 minutes to enquire about Noel's availability but it may well be the best thing you do all day and you can be sure your guests will thank you for it.

A party magician in Cardiff with decades of experience: If you are looking for a party magician in Cardiff who makes your event stand out, you’ve come to the right place. Noel Qualter is a leading wedding magician in Cardiff who has years of experience making events fun for all ages! Get in touch with him today and book your magician right away.

A few venues in Cardiff

Future Inns Hotel Cardiff Bay, Park House Club, Village Hotel and Leisure Club Cardiff, St Mellons Hotel and Elemis Spa, Manor Parc Hotel and Restaurant, The St Davids Hotel and Spa.