Magician Beaconsfield

As a professional magician in Beaconsfield, Noel Qualter has performed for thousands of people throughout the UK and beyond. With his slick, modern style of magic, you won’t find Noel pulling rabbits out of hats or coins out of ears (thank goodness). Using small items kept in his pockets or eagerly donated by willing participants, Noel’s magic is exciting and funny. His wry wit is a great compliment to his amazing tricks.

Noel has been lauded as one of the most innovative and entertaining magicians in the UK by celebrity magicians Penn & Teller (check out his kudos page to find out what other people have said about Noel). Noel’s professionalism is just as appreciated; he is often rebooked for additional parties and events because he’s as professional as he is entertaining.

Hire Magician Beaconsfield

Watching a close-up magician in Beaconsfield is better than watching a magician on television. Why? Close-up magic happens right in front of you, so the level of excitement and anticipation contributes to the success of your event. Noel Qualter has been performing as a close-up magician for ten years. Emulating a modern style of magic similar to Darren Brown or David Blaine, Noel uses his wry wit and astonishing sleight of hand to delight his audience. There is no set up required when you hire Noel – he uses small items kept in his pockets or eagerly donated by willing participants. No matter how closely your guests watch Noel, they’ll always be asking, “How did he do that”?

Close up Magician Beaconsfield

When you’re looking to hire a magician in Beaconsfield, look no further than Noel Qualter. As a professional magician with ten years experience, Noel has thrilled guests all over the UK at all types of venues. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering to or an elaborate celebration, Noel is sure to inject excitement and humor into your event. Contact Noel today to discuss your upcoming event.