Magician Aylesbury

Are you looking for a magician in Aylesbury? If so, I’ve got two words for you: Noel Qualter. As a professional magician in covering Aylesbury for the past ten years, Noel has become one of the UK’s most impressive magicians working today. No matter the type of event or choice of venue, there’s a good chance Noel has seen it and done it. His wry wit and slick, modern style of close up magic has made him a favourite performer for top companies and celebrities alike (want to see for yourself? Check out the Noel’s Kudos pages with praise from celebs like jonathan Ross and David Shwimmer.

Close up Magician Aylesbury

As a close-up magician, Noel’s style is similar to modern magicians and mindreaders like Derren Brown and David Blaine. Using small objects kept in his pockets or items willing donated by guests, Noel is free to move about the venue performing for individuals and small groups, and he is usually followed by a cacophony of laughter, gasps and the occasional, “Bloody Hell – how’d he do that”?

Wedding Magician Aylesbury

We know you’ve been busy planning your nuptials, but have you thought of hiring a wedding magician in Aylesbury? If not, you may have guests in desperate need of entertainment during the many pauses a wedding day presents. Noel Qualter has been delighting wedding guests for years performing modern, close-up magic during the cocktail hour, reception dinner, coffees and even while the wedding party is being photographed. Because magic is a visual medium, it’s a great way to start conversations among guests who are strangers (or among strange guests, because we know there are always a few of those at every wedding…).

Hire Magician Aylesbury

If you want to hire a party magician or table magician in Aylesbury, consider it done. You’ve just found Noel Qualter, a professional magician who has been charming guests at all types of events for the past ten years. His quick wit and surprising sleight of hand will have your guests laughing and trying to figure out just how he did that! Noel prides himself on responding to queries incredibly quickly, so contact him today to discuss your upcoming event.