Magic Circle Magician

The Magic Circle is one of the oldest magic societies in the world just being pipped by the Society of American Magicians and The British Magical Society. The Magic Circle is probably the best known magic society in the world and is a familiar term to most UK householders. Noel is proud to be a member of The Magic Circle which has a worldwide membership of about 1500. Most professional magicians in the UK are members of The Magic Circle which is recognised as the pre-eminent magic club and a sign of their performance ability.

To be accepted you need to be nominated by two members who have knows you for a couple of years and will vouch for your performance ability and your commitment to magic. Then you can either perform an audition act in front of your Magic Circle peers or provide a written exam piece. Noel chose to audition and performed his 10 minute act and was passed by a panel of senior members of The Magic Circle.

If you see Noel at a magic booking and you have an interest in learning magic be sure to tell Noel and he will advise the best route to learning some basic magic and then eventually progressing. You never know, maybe someday some of the people Noel performs for will become members of the Magic Circle. Over the years Noel has been performing he has received 3 or 4 emails from people who have seen him perform and have taken a serious interest in magic, started learning and are loving it.

The Magic Circle headquarters are in Euston, London and the members meet once a week usually on a Monday night to watch shows, lectures and take part in workshops from other magicians. The Magic Circle had its 100 th birthday in 2005 and it was a hell of a party and Noel had a great time celebrating with the other members.

The motto of The Magic Circle is "indocilis privata loqui" which roughly translates to "Not apt to reveal secrets". When performing at functions Noel is often asked how the tricks are done, then another guest interjects and say "He can't tell us because he is a member of The Magic Circle" which is obviously true, but the truth is that No magician should reveal how the effects are done no matter what level they are at. Some magicians choose to explain their methods on telly and other mass media because they can't make a career out of performing and need the cheap and nasty publicity. Any member caught exposing methods will be kicked out of The Magic Circle.


Noel performing on stage at The Magic Circle