That's amazing, I've never seen anything like that before.

- Jonathan Ross, off the telly

Fantastic trick Noel. You are on the cutting edge of magic, there really is no precedent for that effect

- Penn & Teller, Fool Us

That is the best ******* trick I have ever seen. I want you on set permanently.

- Orlando Bloom

That is fantastic stuff. You're hired!

- Lord Alan Sugar, Apprentice Final

My brain is on fire after seeing that Noel. I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight trying to figure out your blistering sleight of hand

- David Shwimmer

You are a marvellous conjurer. Your performance made a huge contribution to my party

- Tamara Ecclestone, Private Birthday Party

What a triumph again! Everybody was discussing your tricks with disbelief and wonderment! I do hope that you enjoyed the evening too and that I have another opportunity to see some oif your magic in the future.

- Anne Widdecombe, Party at the House of Commons

Thank you for an amazing evening of entertainment at our Christmas party. You certainly made a huge impression on everyone and I had many great comments and conversations with baffled clients still trying to figure out your tricks. It was great to hear the gasps of amazement, cheers and clapping from groups across the room. Your close-up magic added to a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening

- Claire Haylock, Viacom Outdoor