Magician Hire

Looking to hire a magician? Noel Qualter has been hired to amaze and entertain at thousands of functions over the last 10 years all over the UK. He has huge experience performing in every conceivable type of venue and will be able to adapt to your needs.

How to hire a magician

If you’ve decided that you’d like to hire a magician then it’s very important that you do your research to find the most suitable magician for your event. Some magicians specialise in close up magic, some in kids show magic, others in stage magic and some perform a mixture of all 3. If you are hiring a magician for your wedding, private party, banquet or ball then you want to look for a specialist close-up magician or table magician.

Hire a Close up Magician

Noel says, “A wise man once said to me that you can always tell if a close up magician also performs kids show magic because they always give it away by their style and vocal approach to the group. Top notch close up/table magicians know exactly the right tone of how to approach a group, gently interrupting them with a subtle approach and are able to humorously break the ice before unleashing the forces of amazement on them. I’m proud to say I only perform close up magic and have never been hired for a kids show. If there are some little rascals about then I have a few cracking tricks to show them but for me it’s mostly about entertaining the adults.”

If you’ve found this page there is a good chance you’ve Googled “hire magician” and there are a bunch of different magicians to choose from. Have a look at the websites, see which look the most credible and get a few quotes.

hire close up magician

Noel says, “Although obviously magician’s prices are very important to event organisers looking to hire a UK magician but my best advice is not to go for the cheapest, you really do get what you pay for. Make sure the magician you hire has a bunch of photos and testimonials and if possible a video to give you an idea of their personality.”

Hire London Magician

Noel is based in London so is ideally located if you need to hire a London magician although he also travels all across the UK for many different types of events. If you are planning on hiring a London magician do some research as some magicians available ot hire are not based in London and add on travel expenses.

Hire Magicians

Hiring magicians for a party can add a special dynamic you can’t get with other forms of entertainment. Close up magicians are able to work under many different conditions that other entertainers would struggle with. The close up magicians flexibility is one of the key reasons why they are becoming on of the most popular additions to parties and events. If you are holding a big event then you may need to book more than one magician. Noel has a great relationship with the very best magicians in the UK and can hire several magicians to work alongside him.