Magician for Civil Partnership

Civil partnership magician Noel Qualter has been performing close up magic at civil ceremonies for a few years now and of course he has performed at hundreds of weddings in the last 10 years. If you are looking to hire a civil partnership magician then it’s important you make the right choice.

Noel is based in London but performs all over the UK at civil ceremonies and weddings. Most of the work is in London and the home counties of Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Dorset, Hampshire and Cambridgeshire but he does cover the rest of the UK. If Noel is unavailable for your civil partnership then he’ll gladly recommend another table magician.

Close up magicians can work miracles at breaking the ice when both sets of guests don’t know each other too well. Maybe there is a language barrier and you are concerned that the guests won’t mingle without encouragement? Well the good news is that when a skilled sleight of hand magician starts performing mini-miracles just inches away from the guests the conversation soon starts flowing.

There are a couple of times during the day when you can book a civil partnership magician. Here is a rough guide and of course you can book Noel for more than one period or indeed the whole day.


Close family and friends will be needed for the majority of photographs  but everybody will have some time away from the lens. What better way to keep people entertained than to let a walkaround magician create spellbinding magic whilst they ship champagne.

The Wedding Breakfast

This is probably the best time to unleash the wedding magician on your guests as it allows him to perform a perfect little magic show where everybody is sat at the perfect viewing angle. It allows the guests at the civil partnership to banter with the magician and at the end they have their heads blown away with the extreme close up magic.

The Evening Guests

Don’t forget about the late guests! Obviously they are joining the fun later on and have some catching up to do so a great way to make them feel at ease straight away is introduce then to a party magician. The rest of the guest have probably had one or two(!) drinks by this time so are well on their way to having an amazing day but the party guests will soon be having just as much fun when they can join in watching close up magic.

Civil Partnership Magicians

If you are planning a large function then you may wish to book a couple of civil partnership magicians. Noel has an excellent relationship with the very best magicians in the UK and can book extra civil partnership magicians where needed. On average one close up magician can get around to about 80 to 100 guests. Just speak to Noel and ask for his advice about how many magicians you should hire to adequately cover your civil partnership.

magician hire civil partnership


Hire Civil Partnership Magician

Have you seen a magician at another event and want to hire a civil partnership magician for your big day? If you have been lucky enough to see a close up magician wowing guests at close quarters you know the impact it can have. Most people who hire a magician have never done so before so you may be unsure of the process. Well don't worry, it's very easy to hire a civil partnership magician. Just complete the enquiry form on the contact page and Noel will in touch in a few hours with a quote for the event. Once you have a agreed a fee he will send you a booking confirmation and once that arrives back to Noel you can rerlax. He will in touch a few days before the big day and full payment is required to be settled on the day or you can pay the week before if you wish.