Budget Magicians

Look I understand, I really do, money is tight these days and everybody wants the best possible value they can get. If you’ve never hired a magician before you’ll have no idea how much it costs and you might want the cheapest magician. If you spend more than a few minutes on the net you’ll realise that there are a bunch of magicians for you to consider and with that a large scale of prices.

Cheap/budget magicians might seem like a good idea, you get to spend more money on the rest of the party but honestly it’s not the right choice. Entertainment is often one of the last considerations when it comes to a party but that’s quick way to create a disappointing party. You can have the finest grub, drink, great decor, beautiful location etc but if you’ve scrimped on the fun things like entertainment then guests might be sat in silence.

You really do get what you pay for with close up magicians and cheap/budget close up magicians will be cheap for a reason. Maybe they aren’t full time? If that’s the case they aren’t fully committed to performing magic.

Maybe they look like crap? Cheap/creased/ stained suit etc. You don’t somebody at your party if they are lowering the tone.

Maybe they are very young and just looking for experience? That’s fine I guess if you know what you are getting but experience is a very important virtue when it comes to close up magic. Noel has been a pro magician since 2000.

If you are paying bottom dollar then maybe the magician won’t be as committed as top professional magicians. Noel says, “If there is any problem with a gig I’m booked for, like if an emergency happens I’ll go to incredible lengths to make sure I find a replacement tip top magician”.

My best advice is check out a few magicians, get quotes from the magicians you rate the most and if one of those is loads cheaper then I’d recommend considering very carefully. Why are they cheaper!!!? Noel has been a professional table magician for 10 years working all over the UK and at weddings, corporate events and private parties.