How to Find the Best Magician Online for a Private Party

The year is drawing to a close and you’ve decided to brave the party scene and host your own shindig.

You have the best food and good people on your guest list. Now all you need is a form of entertainment that will make it different from all the rest of the parties you’ve gone to over the years.

Your best option for that is a close-up magician.

A close-up magician offers the best performance there is. Fun, inoffensive and appealing for all ages, you simply cannot go wrong with hiring a magician for your Christmas or New Year celebration.

But with so many options online, it can be difficult to find the best magician for the job. Not anymore though. Resident UK close-up magicianNoel Qualter is here to tell you what to look for!

Five Things to Look for When Searching for a Close-up Magician Online


Check if the chosen magician in a part of the Magic Circle. The Magic Circle is world-famous for allowing only the best magicians in the world to become a member of the society. Their inclusion guarantees that your choice offers a unique show and amazing tricks.

Also, scour their website for any videos of their performances and be mindful. Videos can often be edited in a way to fool people. Make sure you can see the magician in a continuous shot.


Some people start practicing magic as a hobby. And while that’s fine and dandy, you need someone who does this full-time. This will ensure that you’re getting someone who has ample experience and offers an exceptional level of service.

Another sign of professionalism will also be that they’ll focus on the contact, references and invoices before signing up for your gig. If a magician asks to forego the paperwork, do not hire them. For added guarantee, search for reviews on Google and Yelp so you know the details.


Take a look at the pictures they’ve posted online. A full-time close-up magician will have performed numerous times. This means they’ll have multiple photos of those events to prove their experience. Be aware if the only photos available on their site are portrait shots or a few stills.


There are many different styles of magic. But close-up magic is by far the best choice for a private party.  This form of magic doesn’t require a stage. Instead, the magician simply goes around, mingling with the crowd and performing tricks when they know they have the people’s attention.

Furthermore, close-up magicians would have a different style with their skill. Some would be chatty while others would maintain a mysterious persona. Have a look at the magician’s website, and watch a few videos of their performance to see if their style suits you.

Hire me for Your Private Party!

I have performed for private events, weddings and parties in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Berkshire and more in my 10 years as a close-up magician. If you want to hire good entertainment, contact me!

Hire the right magical entertainment and make your party a night to remember!


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