5 FAQs About Magicians

As a performer I love engaging with my audience. I get all sorts of questions related to magic. And while some people ask common questions like, “How did you do that trick?”, others are curious about booking, scheduling and fees.

Many people have not booked a magician before, so I've compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you 

Question # 1: Do You Perform For Birthday Parties and Kids?

I don't do children's parties. As a close-up magician I perform at  formal events such as weddings, corporate events, parties and fundraisers.

If you need a magician for a children's party you can find one at http://themagiccircle.co.uk/find-a-magician.

Question # 2: How Much Do You Charge?

Charges depend on the type of event you are holding, the number of people attending and how long that event will last. Let me know your budget!

The general rule is 1 magician per 100 people. If more than 100 are attending then I can recommend other high quality magicians and will book them on your behalf.

Question # 3: What Kind of Tricks Do You Perform?

I perform sleight of hand magic with cards, coins, rubber bands, Pringle cans, mobile phones etc, as well as mind reading. You can see the kind of magic I perform in my showreel.

I can also perform customised tricks for corporate events and product launches. 

Question # 4: I’m an Amateur Close-Up Magician. How Do I Engage My Audience?

Get out and perform for real people at every opportunity. It’s not just about the tricks and how technically good you are, but how you communicate with the audience. If you’re out there standing with a poker face, no matter how good you are, your performance will be lackluster. Don't copy other performers you've seen on DVDs or YouTube, or spend too long watching yourself perform in a mirror - cultivate your own natural voice and get real world experience.
It will be hard at first, but the more you perform for people and learn to engage with them, the more natural it will feel. There is no substitute for getting out there and doing it.  

Question # 5: What Will Your Performance Bring to My Event?

Close up magic is an excellent ice breaker, so can bring people together and ease interaction between people who haven't met before. This is why it's ideal for weddings, where the two families may not know each other well.

It's also a really memorable form of entertainment where the audience are directly involved. They get to touch and interact with the magical objects and the magician, see things change, move, disappear and reappear right in front of their eyes. There really is nothing else like for creating laughs, happiness and delight.

I can bring all this to your event and more. I'm a close up magician with years of experience performing at weddings, corporate events and fundraisers. I’ve performed for clients like Nintendo, Channel 4, and the BBC, in the UK and worldwide. If you’re looking for a magician for your wedding, party or event, feel free to contact me today for booking information.


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