About Noel Qualter

Magician Noel Qualter was born years ago in Surrey. He moved steadily through childhood and into adolescence with no remarkable incidents. At age 11 he visited a racecourse on a visit to Ireland with his parents and came across an old man called Ken 'tossing the broads' (carney slang for throwing women in the air) but in this instance he was the operator of a con game called 'Find the Lady'.

Noel was enchanted by the sly old fox's ability to win money from the rabble and spent 3 days watching him. He figured out the trick and set about practicing the con using sleight of hand…he even considered joining the carneys but unfortunately this was during a time when the carneys sacrificed 'gingers' so as they didn't sour the milk.

Noel didn't turn to the dark side though. With the lunch money he had grifted from his school friends as a 3 card trick man he bought magic books and started practicing. He practiced a whole lot. Then he practiced some more…and then after that he kept practicing. That day at the racecourse was 23 years ago and for the last 9 years Noel has been a full time professional close-up magician working at top hotels, bars and manor houses in and around London providing table magic in between courses at banquets, weddings, gala dinners, award ceremonies, private parties and product launches.

Noel has performed his snappy sleight of hand and Jedi mind reading tricks all over the UK and has been flown to Dubai, Paris, Monaco and Kuwait to perform for corporate clients. He has acted acted as a magic consultant for the feature film 'Twist' and also appeared in 'The Apprentice' on BBC TV.

If you've got the thirst to see some magic you can have your mind read with an interactive mind reading trick and some other cool videos. Another quick bit of mind reading before you go; right now you're thinking 'Hasn't he let himself go since Billie Piper left him?'



Noel Qualter. Nice tricks. Not a weirdo.

I'm sorry if the above offends you. Although if you are a carney and it offends you I'm not too fussed. What are you going to do….throw heather at me?